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Have you ever found yourself humming along to a catchy synth-pop tune from the 80s? If so, chances are you’ve come across the music of Howard Jones. With his distinctive voice and infectious melodies, Jones became one of the defining figures of mid-80s synth-pop. But what is Howard Jones’s biggest hit? In this article, we’ll dive into the world of Howard Jones’s music, explore his most popular songs, and uncover the reasons behind his success. So, grab your headphones and let’s get started!

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Quick Answer

Howard Jones’s biggest hit is undoubtedly the 1986 single “No One Is to Blame.” This iconic song reached number four on the US charts and solidified Jones’s status as a prominent figure in the synth-pop genre. Its heartfelt lyrics, combined with Jones’s signature synth-driven sound, struck a chord with audiences around the world.

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Quick Tips and Facts

  • Howard Jones had ten top 40 hits in the UK between 1983 and 1986, six of which reached the top ten.
  • His 1984 album Human’s Lib reached number one on the UK Albums Chart.
  • Jones had 15 top 40 hit singles worldwide between 1983 and 1992.
  • “No One Is to Blame” reached number four on the US charts in 1986.
  • Jones performed at the historic Live Aid concert in 1985.
  • He has released a total of 14 studio albums, with his most recent, Dialogue, released in 2022.

Background: The Rise of Howard Jones

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Before we delve into Howard Jones’s biggest hit, let’s take a moment to appreciate the journey that led him to success. Born in Southampton, England, Jones began his musical journey at a young age. He started taking piano lessons at the age of seven and later attended the Royal Grammar School in High Wycombe. It was during his school years that Jones’s passion for music truly blossomed.

1. The Iconic Synth-Pop Sound

Video: 80s Synth Pop/New Wave LEGEND Howard Jones On Story Of His Top 5 Songs | Professor of Rock.

Synth-pop, a genre characterized by its use of synthesizers and electronic sounds, dominated the music scene in the 1980s. Artists like Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, and Gary Numan paved the way for the synth-pop movement, and Howard Jones quickly became a prominent figure within this genre. His music combined catchy melodies, electronic beats, and introspective lyrics, creating a unique sound that resonated with audiences worldwide.

2. Early Life and Musical Journey

Video: Howard Jones – Story of 80s Hit New Song with Gary Numan | Pop Fix | Professor of RocK.

Jones’s musical journey began in the late 1970s when he performed at the Royal Albert Hall in London with his band Red Beat. This early experience laid the foundation for his future success. Inspired by the emerging electronic music scene, Jones started experimenting with synthesizers and drum machines, honing his skills as a songwriter and performer.

3. The Breakthrough Hits

Video: Howard Jones Greatest Hits 1983 – 2019.

Howard Jones’s breakthrough came in the early 1980s when he signed with Warner Bros. Records. His debut single, “New Song,” released in 1983, quickly climbed the charts and introduced audiences to his unique sound. This was followed by a string of hits, including “What Is Love?,” “Like to Get to Know You Well,” and “Things Can Only Get Better.” These songs showcased Jones’s ability to craft infectious pop melodies while infusing them with thought-provoking lyrics.

But it was the 1986 single “No One Is to Blame” that truly catapulted Jones to international stardom. The song’s introspective lyrics and soaring chorus struck a chord with listeners, and it became his biggest hit to date. Its success solidified Jones’s status as a leading figure in the synth-pop genre.

4. Howard Jones’s Impact on the Music Industry

Video: Howard Jones – New Song.

Howard Jones’s impact on the music industry extends beyond his chart-topping hits. He played a significant role in shaping the sound of the 1980s and influencing future generations of musicians. His innovative use of synthesizers and electronic sounds paved the way for the evolution of pop music.

Jones’s talent as a songwriter and performer was recognized when he was invited to perform at the historic Live Aid concert in 1985. This global event showcased the biggest names in music and raised funds for famine relief in Africa. Jones’s energetic performance captivated the audience and further cemented his place in music history.

5. The Evolution of Howard Jones’s Music

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Throughout his career, Howard Jones has continued to evolve as an artist. While his early hits are synonymous with the synth-pop sound of the 1980s, Jones has explored different musical styles and experimented with new sounds. His later albums, such as Cross That Line and In the Running, showcased a more mature and introspective side of his artistry.

Jones’s ability to adapt and grow as a musician has allowed him to maintain a dedicated fan base and continue releasing new music. His most recent album, Dialogue, released in 2022, demonstrates his ongoing commitment to creating fresh and innovative music.

6. Howard Jones’s Discography

Video: Howard Jones – What Is Love – The Very Best Of.

Howard Jones has an extensive discography, with 14 studio albums to his name. Each album showcases his unique musical style and evolution as an artist. Here are some of his notable albums:

Album Title Release Year
Human’s Lib 1984
Dream into Action 1985
Cross That Line 1989
In the Running 1992
Engage 2015
Transform 2019
Dialogue 2022

Each album offers a distinct listening experience, showcasing Jones’s growth as a songwriter and musician. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to his music, exploring his discography is a journey worth taking.


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How did Howard Jones become famous?

Howard Jones’s rise to fame can be attributed to his unique blend of catchy pop melodies and introspective lyrics. His breakthrough came in the early 1980s with hits like “New Song” and “What Is Love?,” which showcased his talent as a songwriter and performer. Jones’s innovative use of synthesizers and electronic sounds also played a significant role in his success, helping him stand out in the crowded music scene of the time.

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Who recorded “No One Is to Blame”?

“No One Is to Blame” was recorded by Howard Jones himself. The song was released as a single in 1986 and became one of his biggest hits. Its emotional lyrics and memorable melody struck a chord with audiences, propelling it to the top of the charts.

How many albums has Howard Jones sold?

Howard Jones has sold millions of albums worldwide throughout his career. While exact sales figures may vary, his popularity and chart success indicate a significant fan base that has embraced his music over the years.

What does Howard Jones do now?

Howard Jones continues to create and perform music to this day. He regularly tours and releases new albums, showcasing his ongoing passion for his craft. His most recent album, Dialogue, was released in 2022 and demonstrates his commitment to creating fresh and innovative music.


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In conclusion, Howard Jones’s biggest hit is undoubtedly the iconic 1986 single “No One Is to Blame.” This emotionally charged song resonated with audiences around the world and solidified Jones’s status as a prominent figure in the synth-pop genre. His unique blend of catchy melodies, introspective lyrics, and innovative use of synthesizers set him apart from his peers and continue to captivate listeners to this day. If you haven’t already, we highly recommend giving Howard Jones’s music a listen and experiencing the magic for yourself!

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Now that you know Howard Jones’s biggest hit and have a deeper understanding of his music, it’s time to hit play and let the synth-pop magic transport you to a world of catchy melodies and nostalgic vibes. Enjoy the journey! 🎶

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