Are the Original Members Still in the Human League? [2023]

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Discover the History, Members, and Legacy of the Synth Pop Legends

If you're a fan of synth-pop music, you've probably heard of The Human League. With their catchy tunes and electronic sound, they became one of the most influential bands of the 1980s. But are the original members still in The Human League? In this article, we'll explore the history of the band, its members, and their legacy.

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The Human League was formed in Sheffield, England, in 1977. Initially, the band was a collaboration between Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh, who later went on to form the band Heaven 17, and Philip Oakey. Their early music had a DIY punk aesthetic, but they soon embraced synthesizers and electronic sounds, becoming pioneers of the synth-pop genre. The band gained commercial success in the 1980s with hits like "Don't You Want Me" and "Human," cementing their place in music history.


The history of The Human League is a fascinating journey through the evolution of electronic music. The band's debut album, "Reproduction," was released in 1979 and showcased their experimental approach to music production. However, it was their third album, "Dare," released in 1981, that catapulted them to international fame. The album featured several chart-topping hits, including the iconic "Don't You Want Me."

After the release of "Dare," tensions rose within the band, leading to the departure of Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh. Philip Oakey, the remaining original member, decided to continue with the band and recruited two new female vocalists, Susan Ann Sulley and Joanne Catherall. The new lineup released the album "Hysteria" in 1984, which included the hit single "The Lebanon."


The Human League has seen several lineup changes over the years. Currently, the band consists of three members:

  1. Philip Oakey – Oakey is the lead vocalist and one of the founding members of The Human League. With his distinctive voice and unique fashion sense (who can forget the iconic haircut?), Oakey became the face of the band.

  2. Susan Ann Sulley – Sulley joined The Human League as a teenager in 1980 and has been a significant part of the band ever since. Her soulful vocals added a layer of emotion to the synth-driven sound of the band.

  3. Joanne Catherall – Catherall also joined The Human League in 1980 and quickly became a vital member of the group. Her powerful voice and stage presence have contributed to the band's continued success.

Throughout their career, The Human League has worked with various musicians and producers, but Oakey, Sulley, and Catherall have remained the core members of the band.

Legacy and Influence

The Human League's impact on synth-pop and electronic music cannot be overstated. Their innovative use of synthesizers and drum machines paved the way for countless artists who followed in their footsteps. The band's music continues to inspire new generations of musicians and remains a staple of the synth-pop genre.

In addition to their musical influence, The Human League also made a fashion statement. Their futuristic aesthetic and distinctive hairstyles became synonymous with the New Romantic movement of the 1980s. The band's image played a significant role in shaping the visual identity of synth-pop.


Why did The Human League split up?

The Human League experienced tensions and creative differences that led to the departure of founding members Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh. However, Philip Oakey decided to carry on with the band and recruited new members, Susan Ann Sulley and Joanne Catherall. Despite the lineup changes, The Human League continued to create music and achieve success.

Where did The Human League originate?

The Human League originated in Sheffield, England, in 1977. The industrial city's vibrant music scene played a crucial role in shaping the band's sound and aesthetic.

Is Phil Oakey married to Joanne Catherall?

No, Phil Oakey and Joanne Catherall are not married. While they have worked together for many years as members of The Human League, their relationship is strictly professional.

Who are the singers in The Human League?

The three main singers in The Human League are Philip Oakey, Susan Ann Sulley, and Joanne Catherall. Their voices blend harmoniously and contribute to the band's distinctive sound.

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