What is the Crazy Frog Axel F based on? [2023]

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Are you curious about the origins of the catchy and iconic tune "Axel F" by Crazy Frog? We've got you covered! In this article, we'll dive into the fascinating history and inspiration behind this viral hit. Join us as we explore the background, music video, personnel, and more. Get ready to unleash your inner Crazy Frog enthusiast!

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The Crazy Frog phenomenon took the music world by storm with its infectious melodies and unique sound. "Axel F," the most popular song by Crazy Frog, captured the hearts of millions across the globe. But do you know where it all began? Let's uncover the story!


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The foundation for "Axel F" was laid by Harold Faltermeyer, a German musician and composer. He composed the instrumental track as the main theme for the 1984 film "Beverly Hills Cop," starring Eddie Murphy. The track, named "Axel F" after the lead character, Detective Axel Foley, became an instant hit and is now recognized by music enthusiasts worldwide.

Music Video

The Crazy Frog version of "Axel F" was accompanied by an animated music video that brought the character to life. The video featured the lovable and mischievous Crazy Frog driving around in his signature vehicle, mimicking the sound effects of the song. The catchy visuals perfectly matched the upbeat tempo of the track, making it even more memorable.


The original composition of "Axel F" was by Harold Faltermeyer, but it was Crazy Frog who popularized the song with its unique reinterpretation. Crazy Frog is a character created by Swedish animator Erik Wernquist, known for his distinct and unforgettable appearance and sound.

Track Listings

The track listings for "Axel F" can vary depending on the release and version. It is often part of Crazy Frog's self-titled album or included as a single. Here are some common versions and track listings:

Crazy Frog (Album)

  1. "Axel F" – 2:52
  2. "Popcorn" – 2:46
  3. "Whoomp! (There It Is)" – 2:50
  4. "1001 Nights" – 2:56
  5. "We Are the Champions (Ding a Dang Dong)" – 3:04

Axel F (Single)

  1. "Axel F" – 2:52
  2. "Jingle Bells" – 1:59
  3. "Popcorn" – 2:46


Upon its release, "Axel F" achieved remarkable success on music charts worldwide. It reached the top spot in multiple countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, and Germany. The song's popularity continued to grow, placing Crazy Frog on the music map.

Techno Cop Version

In addition to Crazy Frog's adaptation, there have been various renditions of "Axel F" over the years. One notable version is the "Techno Cop" version, which takes inspiration from the original composition by Harold Faltermeyer. It offers a fresh perspective on the iconic melody and showcases different electronic elements.

Clock Version

The "Clock version" of "Axel F" is another interesting take on the song. It incorporates clock sounds, enhancing the rhythm and adding a whimsical touch to the melody. This unique version brings a fresh twist to the familiar tune and demonstrates the wide range of interpretations this track has inspired.

PSY Version

The internationally renowned artist PSY, famous for his hit single "Gangnam Style," also put his own spin on "Axel F." PSY's version injects his signature K-pop style into the mix, resulting in a high-energy rendition that captivates listeners with its catchy beats and infectious energy.

Crazy Frog Version

While the Crazy Frog version of "Axel F" may be the most iconic and widely recognized, it's fascinating to explore the various interpretations of this timeless tune. Each version brings its own creative flair and showcases the versatility of the original track.


Was Axel F written for Beverly Hills Cop?

Yes, "Axel F" was indeed written as the main theme song for the 1984 film "Beverly Hills Cop," directed by Martin Brest. Harold Faltermeyer composed the track specifically for the movie, creating an instantly recognizable melody that perfectly captured the film's action-packed and lighthearted atmosphere.

What other songs did Crazy Frog release?

Aside from "Axel F," Crazy Frog released several other popular songs, including "Popcorn," "We Are the Champions (Ding a Dang Dong)," "Jingle Bells," and "Who Let the Frog Out?". Each of these tracks had its unique charm and contributed to Crazy Frog's enduring popularity.

Does Crazy Frog perform live?

Crazy Frog is primarily an animated character, and live performances are not typically associated with the act. However, its music has been enjoyed by millions in live settings, such as music festivals and concerts where the tracks are played to entertain and engage the audience.

Quick Tips and Facts

Here are some quick tips and facts about Crazy Frog's "Axel F":

  • Crazy Frog's version of "Axel F" is a reinterpretation of the original composition by Harold Faltermeyer.
  • The animated music video of "Axel F" features Crazy Frog driving his signature vehicle and showcases the playful nature of the character.
  • "Axel F" achieved great success on music charts worldwide, reaching the top spot in multiple countries.
  • The song has inspired various versions, including the Techno Cop version, Clock version, and PSY version.
  • Crazy Frog's self-titled album includes "Axel F" as one of its popular tracks.

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