The Ultimate Fan Dive on Howard Jones – 🎸 Unveiling the Metalcore Legend [2024] 🎶

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When you think of heavy metal, alternative metal, and metalcore, one name that ricochets in your mind like an electrifying riff is Howard Jones. But let’s look beyond the straightforward Wikipedia bullet points and truly dive into why Howard Jones has captivated the hearts of many and what sparked his unique journey—especially highlighting his tenure with Killswitch Engage.

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Quick Answer

Howard Jones is a powerhouse in the metal scene, renowned for his dynamic vocals and emotional depth. Best known for his time with Killswitch Engage, he contributed to their most iconic records before moving on to create equally impactful music with bands like Light the Torch and the side project, Sion. Here’s a breakdown of his journey, achievements, and why he left KillSwitch Engage.

Quick Tips and Facts

  • Howard Jones launched his career in Ohio and quickly rose to fame in the heavy metal scene.
  • His time with Killswitch Engage saw albums like The End of Heartache and As Daylight Dies go gold.
  • Post Killswitch Engage, he formed Light the Torch and recently collaborated on a project called Sion.
  • Jones is not only a metal god but also an avid fisherman 🎣 and a vocal advocate for diabetes management.


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From Columbus to the Stage: Howard Jones’ Journey 🎸

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Howard Jones, born on July 20, 1970, started his career in his hometown, Columbus, Ohio. With dreams larger than life and a voice that could shake arenas, Jones quickly found his footing in the heavy metal scene. He co-founded Blood Has Been Shed with Corey Unger and Justin Foley, setting the stage for his future stardom.

The Early Years:

Jones’ early work with Blood Has Been Shed wasn’t just a footnote; it was a testament to his relentless drive and passion. He honed his craft, blending guttural growls with melodic undertones, a style that would later define his career.

Transition to Killswitch Engage:

When Howard Jones stepped in for Jesse Leach in Killswitch Engage in 2002, the metalcore landscape would never be the same. Let’s dissect the impact of his tenure with KSE.

The Heartache & Glory: Howard Jones with Killswitch Engage 🔥

Video: The End of Heartache.

Rating Table: Killswitch Engage Era

Aspect Score (1-10)
Vocal Performance 9.5
Stage Presence 9
Lyricism 8.5
Band Chemistry 9
Fan Reception 9.5
Overall Impact 9.2

Vocal Performance 🎤

Jones brought a unique vocal dynamic to Killswitch Engage. His ability to switch from melodious clean singing to harrowing growls gave the band an edge that set them apart in the metalcore genre. His voice on “The End of Heartache” was nothing short of a revelation—fans felt the pain, the hope, and the raw energy in every note.

Stage Presence 🎸

On stage, Jones was an absolute force of nature. His imposing presence, coupled with a knack for connecting with the audience, made every performance memorable. Whether you were four rows back or in the nosebleeds, Jones had a way of making you feel part of the show.

Lyrical Contributions 📜

While KSE’s lyrics often focus on themes of resilience, struggle, and redemption, Jones added a personal touch that resonated deeply with fans. Songs like “My Curse” and “This Fire Burns” reflect personal battles and collective struggles, giving listeners anthems to rally around.

Fan Reception 🌐

Let’s not mince words—the fans loved him. Initially, there were mixed reactions as replacing a lead vocalist always brings uncertainty. Yet, Jones’ powerhouse deliveries quickly silenced critics and won over the metal community. Tracks like “Rose of Sharyn” and “Holy Diver” became instant classics, with Jones’ voice cutting through the heavy riffs.

Band Chemistry 🎶

It wasn’t just the fans who felt Jones’ impact; his chemistry with the rest of KSE was palpable. The synergy between Jones and guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz, for instance, played a significant role in the band’s creative process and live performances.

Overall Impact 🌟

Howard Jones’ tenure with Killswitch Engage wasn’t just a chapter; it was a cornerstone. Let’s move from reflecting on his legacy to exploring his departure and subsequent ventures.

Life After Killswitch Engage 💿

Video: Howard Jones On Performing with Killswitch Engage (OFFICIAL INTERVIEW).

Leaving Killswitch Engage in 2012 was a monumental decision, influenced by personal health battles and the desire for new creative outlets. However, Jones didn’t step away from the spotlight; he continued to push the envelope with new projects.

Light the Torch – A New Dawn

Light the Torch, initially named Devil You Know, was Howard Jones’ next big move. Teaming up with Francesco Artusato and Ryan Wombacher, they embraced a reformulated sound. Let’s see how their efforts scored based on fan feedback:

Rating Table: Light the Torch

Aspect Score (1-10)
Artistic Evolution 8.5
Vocal Performance 9
Instrumentation 8
Innovation 8.5
Fan Engagement 8.7
Overall Impact 8.5

Artistic Evolution 🎨

Here, Jones showed his versatility yet again. Light the Torch showcased a more melodic side, without compromising on the aggressive undertones that defined his previous work. Tracks like “Calm Before the Storm” highlighted the maturity in songwriting and composition.

Vocal Performance 🎤

If anyone doubted Jones’ vocal prowess post-KSE, Light the Torch extinguished those doubts. He continued to deliver stellar vocal performances, blending heartfelt cleans with powerful roars.


With Light the Torch, Howard and his bandmates pushed boundaries, incorporating new elements into their music. They explored different aspects of metal and rock, creating a sonically diverse catalog that appealed to both long-time fans and new listeners.

Fan Reception 🎧

Light the Torch quickly built a loyal fan base. Their blend of melody and heaviness resonated with fans and accolades poured in for albums like “Revival” and “You Will be the Death of Me.”

The Sion Project: Blade-sharp Collaborations

Highlights & Impact

Collaborating with YouTuber Jared Dines, Jones further demonstrated his versatility. Sion, their joint project, saw the release of “The Blade,” a track that seamlessly combines metal brutality with captivating choruses.

Aspect Score (1-10)
Creativeness 9
Instrumentation 8.5
Vocal Performance 9
Collaboration Synergy 9.3
Fan Reception 8.7
Overall Impact 8.9

Sion underscored Jones’ ability to blend different styles. Critics and fans alike praised the single for its technical proficiency and melodic hooks, cementing Howard Jones’ status as an ever-evolving artist.

Beyond the Mic: Howard Jones’ Personal Life 🌿

Video: Killswitch Engage – Jesse Leach Vs. Howard Jones.

So what does Howard Jones do when he’s not pioneering new metal sounds?

Hobbies and Interests

Beyond the metal scene, Howard Jones has a myriad of interests. An avid fisherman 🎣, he often spends his downtime by the water. Fishing offers a peaceful counterbalance to the high-octane energy of his performances.

Diabetes Advocacy

Diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes, Jones dedicates time to managing his health and advocating for diabetes awareness. On numerous occasions, he has shared his journey, inspiring fans battling similar issues and raising awareness about the importance of managing this chronic condition.

Podcast Appearances 🎙

Jones has also been a recurring guest on Jamey Jasta’s podcast, sharing insights on his career, personal life, and thoughts on the ever-evolving music industry. His candor and humility often shine through these conversations, revealing the man behind the powerful stage persona.

Discography Deep Dive 📀

Video: Howard Jones' Funniest Moments w/ Killswitch Engage.

Howard Jones’ discography is a testament to his versatility and enduring impact on the metal scene. Here’s a closer look at the key albums that define his career:

With Blood Has Been Shed:

Album Year Highlight Track
“I Dwell on Thoughts of You” 1998 “Rain Man”
“Novella of Uriel” 2001 “1.0”
“Spirals” 2003 “Autumn”

With Killswitch Engage:

Album Year Highlight Track
“The End of Heartache” 2004 “Rose of Sharyn”
“As Daylight Dies” 2006 “My Curse”
“Killswitch Engage (Self-titled)” 2009 “Starting Over”

With Light the Torch:

Album Year Highlight Track
“Revival” 2018 “Calm Before the Storm”
“You Will be the Death of Me” 2021 “Let Me Fall Apart”

With Sion:

Track Year Collaboration
“The Blade” 2021 Jared Dines


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Why did Howard Jones leave KillSwitch?

Howard Jones left Killswitch Engage in 2012 due to health reasons, citing personal struggles with diabetes and anxiety. The decision was difficult but necessary for his well-being. Jones has since recovered and continues to create music with other bands.

Is Howard Jones from Killswitch Engage black?

Yes, Howard Jones is African American. He has been a prominent figure in a genre where diversity is still growing. His presence and talents have had a significant impact on the metal scene.

Who was the original Killswitch Engage singer?

The original singer for Killswitch Engage was Jesse Leach, who founded the band in 1999. He initially left in 2002 due to health and performance-related issues, and Howard Jones stepped in as the lead vocalist until 2012, after which Leach returned to the band.


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Howard Jones is more than a name in the metal scene; he is a legend who has continuously pushed the envelope, inspiring countless fans and musicians. From his iconic tenure with Killswitch Engage to his continued ventures in Light the Torch and Sion, Jones’ passion and prowess are palpable. If you’re a metal enthusiast, his discography is a must-explore, and his journey brimming with resilience is worth celebrating.

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Whether you’re jamming out to “The End of Heartache” or exploring newer tracks with Light the Torch and Sion, Howard Jones’ influence and legacy in metal remain indomitable. Dive into his music and let the metalcore magic wash over you. Happy listening! 🎶

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